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How to Set Up a Website in Plesk: Initial Configuration for all Applications

To set up a website, login to Plesk at You will need to get a username and password from the Help Desk (LDAP passwords will not work in Plesk).

  • Login:

To create a new website, click "Installatron Applications Installer" from the Main Menu.

  • Installatron Script Installer:

On the following screen, find the application you'd like to install by scrolling down or using the search box. Click on the application you'd like to install (or search for the application then click "Install." You will then be prompted to accept the license agreement to continue.

On the following page, click "install this application" or "import existing install." This will bring you to the Installatron install wizard. On the following page, enter the name of your website in the space highlighted "drupal" (the space will show the name of the application you are installing). You should change it to the name you want for your website address. For example, if you choose the name "MyProject," the address of your website will be

CAUTION: Once you click continue, the installation begins and you will not be able to change the website address.

  • Choose Website Address:

Configuring a Specific Application

For specific information on how to install an individual application using Plesk, click the name of the application you are installing:

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