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    LBL MFA tokens can be managed here: You can use this site to add, delete and modify your tokens.

    For HPCS tokens, go to the Token Management webpage,

    2 Click the "Add an LBL token" link.


    Select the authorization method by which you can receive an authorization code.

    The choices are:

    Email: <personal email address on record>

    SMS: <personal phone number on record>

    For this example, the SMS (text messaging) is used.

    Click the "Start" button.


    Here is the text message with the Authorization Code sent to your mobile device.

    Android Text Message iPhone Text Message
    Android Text Message
    iPhone Text Message
    5 Type the Authorization code into the "Enter Authorization Code" field and give the registered device a meaningful nickname in the "Token Name" field. Click "Add Token." Note, there is a time limit that you must complete this step by. If time has expired, "Cancel" and retrieve a re-issued token.

    6 You will see a 2-D barcode on the screen that you must scan with your device. If you have not done so, install the Google Authenticator app from the Google Play Store.
    7 Your OTP dashboard should show all of your devices from which you will log into LBL's systems that require an OTP (including the one you just entered). Registration is complete now.

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    1 OPTIONAL: On the OTP homepage, you may verify if the OTP is working by clicking on the "Test" link below your device's nickname.

    Enter the Google Authenticator's time-sensitive OTP from your device into the "One-Time Password" field and click "Test Now".

    Note, once the time has expired, the token will be invalid. Only the newest OTP should be entered into the field for verification.

    3 You should see a Success! You can test again or click "Done" message if successful. If there is a problem, you may restart the registration or call the help desk at x4357.

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    1 OPTIONAL: On the OTP dashboard, you may click on "Delete" if you decide to permanently stop using the device to access LBL assets that require an OTP.
    2 Click "Delete" to confirm the deletion.

    3 If you were using the Pledge application from Nordic Edge, you may uninstall it now.