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Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the Sophos Mac client from

  2. Open the downloaded file and double-click on "Sophos Installer"
  3. Click "Open" then "Continue"

  4. Accept the license agreement and "Continue"

  5. Enter your Mac user name and password and click "Install Helper"

  6. Near the end, two prompts to Open Security & Privacy will come up. Click "Open Security Preferences" and click "Close" on the other window.

  7. When the below screen appears, click "Close" to close it. (This drag Sophos icon method DOES NOT work well)

  8. IMPORTANT:  Go to Finder-> Go-> Go to Folder

  9. Enter /Library/Sophos Anti-Virus and click "Go"

  10. The Sophos Anti-Virus window will open up. Leave that window open.

  11. Go back to the Security & Privacy screen, double-click the padlock at the bottom left and enter your Mac username and password to unlock it.

  12. Click on the Allow button

  13. Then click on the "Privacy" tab at the top, scroll down and select "Full Disk Access" on the left.

  14. Bring the Sophos Anti-Virus Finder window back into view. Drag the 3 items below from the Finder window into the Full Disk Access area on the right side.




  15. At the Finder window, double-click on the "Tools" folder

  16. Drag "Sophos Diagnostic Utility" to the Full Disk Access area as well

  17. The Full Disk Access window should look like below, with SophosServiceManager below SophosCleanD.

  18. Close all of the open windows and restart the computer.