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In order to more easily identify the point of contact for desktop and laptop systems at the Lab, particularly when a cyber security event has been detected and the owner has to be notified, a naming convention for the computer's hostname is being used for standard deployments. Lab staff who do not utilize IT for workstation support should consider adopting the standard themselves.

Physical machine

The standard format is as follows: (LDAP username)-(OS Identifier)(last two digits of the DOE number located on the machine)

Example: cwnelson-x44 or cwnelson-w39

Virtual machine (VM)

  • Use the standard format for a Physical Machine, but prefix the OS Identifier with the letter 'v'
  • Use the last two digits of the host's DOE number (this is the computer that the VM will be running on)

Example: cwnelson-vt44 for a Windows 10 VM running on a host with the DOE number ending in 44

The current convention allows for for 1 VM of each type of OS on a given workstation.

Operating System identifiers

Windows MEIMillenium
Windows NTNNT
Windows 2000K2K
Windows XPXXP
Windows VistaVVista
Windows 7SSeven
Windows 8 or Windows 8.1EEight
Windows 10TTen
Mac OS XMMac
Scientific LinuxFScientific
Red Hat Linux FamilyRRHEL
Other Linux FamilyLLinux
BSD Unix Family (FreeBSD)BBerkeley
Other UnixNUnix
Virtual MachineVaVirtual where a denotes the OS Version, i.e. VS is a virtual Windows 7 system

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