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When an account is deleted all email and calendar entries are deleted.  For Google Drive, the IT division can transfer the contents to another LBL account (or default to an IT catch-all account) to preserve shared access.

Google now has a "Takeout" Service that allows users to get copies of their data (including gmail and calendar). Go to


Forwarding (after you leave the lab)

When an employee terminates from the Lab, access to all LBL accounts is disabled. Email forwarding is the only thing we can offer.

Send an email to  and request forwarding to another email address (that you own) for up to a year, specifying the start date. The data persists beyond the time when we delete your email account. (Gmail does have a self help forwarding option but this will end when the account is deleted - shortly after you leave the lab)

We cannot forward your mail to someone else at the lab.

Vacation Message

Your Google account will be suspended when you leave, but people who email you may not realize you no longer work at the lab. 

Any vacation message you might have set up in Gmail will not be effective (your email account will no longer be active).  However, we can provide an out-of-office response that is independent of Gmail when you leave.  Give us the text you want to use via a help desk ticket. (or email

Moving all your email to a different system or account

Consider moving email that you want to a local mail client (like Thunderbird) and saving the files locally.  Import them to a similar client on a different computer.

Google TakeOut

Google TakeOut allows you to export all your Google account applications. Go here to access Google Takeout.

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