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Directory Services at Berkeley Lab

Phone, Fax, location, email address, and mail stop information is stored in our Directory (LDAP) database and can be viewed in our Berkeley Lab Phonebook, located at You can find more information regarding the use of the phonebook search here.

Personal information

If you need to update your personal information (name, address, diversity, vehicle, or other information) please use the Employee Self Service website. If the data you wish to update is not available on this website, please contact your division HR representative.

Modifying Directory Information

Phone, fax, Location, mailstop, nickname, and a personal web page can be modified using the Directory Self Service application.  The data is entered directly into our Directory (LDAP) database and is shared on a nightly basis with Business Systems that require this information.  Changes made "today" will be available in other systems "tomorrow".

Note:  if you have been asked to update  information for someone else, the changes will be recorded and the person on whose behalf the change was made will receive an email notification.



  • Phone numbers can be of any service (not restricted to LBL phones)
  • 0-to-5 phones allowed  ** Phone number is not required; no phone at all is allowed
    • note only one phone will be propagated downstream (HRIS, et. al.) so multiple phones will only reside in LDAP
  • one phone is “primary” -- this is the phone that will be propagated elsewhere
  • phones can optionally have a label (Office, Lab, Campus, Home, Mobile, Other)
  • phones are associated with people only (not locations)
  • phone number formats should be validated on input  xxx- xxx-xxxx and does  not allow shortcuts like “x1234”


  • one optional fax number allowed
  • should be constrained to format xxx- xxx-xxxx

Locations :

  • Up to three locations
  • The first location will be primary
  • locations are rooms, ie BLDG-ROOM (both bldg and room are required)
  • valid locations are restricted to the Facilities official list
  • When entering data, rooms require leading 0 in room to be entered (e.g. 46-0246)
  • contact if the location you are in does not appear in the valid list maintained by Facilities
  • Leave your location blank if you do not occupy an office or cubicle full time (40 hrs). (used for space planning)
  • For buildings off hill click here


  • 0-to-1 mailstop allowed
  • limited to authoritative list of Facilities mailstops - Go here for the valid Mailstops 
  • If you are located offsite (for example - you work at home or another edu or national lab facility), consider using your sponsor or supervisors selection (and arrange to have them forward mail to you)
  • Check with Facilities if you feel that the choices for your building are not clear

Additional  Information

  • Nickname:
    • zero or one nickname allowed
    • if your nickname change doesn't display as you expected, please contact the IT Help Desk at for assistance.
  • The URL for your web site (if you have one). 

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