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Purpose of Knowledge Article:

A guide to connecting to MFA VPN before logging into Windows.

Note: This does NOT work with StrongID installed and does not support MFA VPN.


The Start before MFA VPN is not supported.  You will receive the following error message if you try to connect to MFA VPN before login.  We do not have a time line when this feature will be available.

Please note: After October 11, 2022 you will be required to us MFA VPN.

If you are still connecting to the old VPN server → LBL-VPN-v2.4 please follow the Instructions below.  Note: (After October 11, 2022; the option to connect to VPN before logging to Windows will no longer be available.)

  1. Click on the gear icon
  2. Select the Preferences tab
  3. Check the box and reboot


After reboot, click on the first item on the left at the login screen


Enter your username and Identity account (LDAP) password


The login screen will look like this after you are connected to VPN


Login to the computer as usual.

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