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LBNL and UCB have in place a system to grant UCB Credentials (Cal 1 ID Cards and CalNet Usernames & Passwords) to LBNL Employees who need to utilize UCB resources. UCB classifies LBNL Employees as "Contingent Workers", and your CalNet ID is good for one year and must be renewed annually. UCB DOES NOT send out expiration notices to contingent workers so it is up to you remember to renew your account every year.

Note: that this project is unrelated to library access. If you had a CalNet ID through the university and transferred to LBNL you will still have all the services you had previously including library access.

LBNL Employee

If you are NOT a postdoc fill out the following form:

Employee/Affiliate form:


POSTDOCS DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM. Contact your department's CSS HR partners on UCB campus.

If you already have or had a Non-Student CalNet Affiliate ID number from UCB, check the "Transfer of Appointment" box on the application and include your Non-Student CalNet ID number.

LBNL Postdoc

Postdocs need to contact their department's CSS HR partners on UCB campus.


You are considered a Postdoc only if you meet all three of these criteria:

  1. You are not paid by UCB.
  2. You have a formal, recognized postdoc position either at LBNL or another institution but you are located at LBNL.
  3. You are "sponsored" by a UCB Faculty Member, meaning that the UCB Faculty Member works with you in your postdoc role - that is, you could be called a "UCB Faculty Sponsored Postdoc".

Beginning on September 1, 2017, UC Berkeley campus shared services will take over Postdoc forms only.  Additionally, Postdocs will no longer be responsible for payment for the production of the Cal 1 Card identification cards.

  • Your request will be entered based on Help Desk availability and load. It could take up to 7 days. When your request is processed, you will receive an email indicating your CalNet ID number and expiration date.
  • 24 hours after receiving the email you should see yourself in the CalNet Directory, once you do you may activate your account here.
What will this cost?

UCB charges us $25 each time they print an ID. This will be recharged to the Project ID you provide at signup. If you lose your card and need a new one, you will be recharged again. The charge is subject to modest escalation by UCB. LBNL recovers only the exact fee charged by UCB to us.

Who is my faculty sponsor?

If you are applying as an LBNL employee, you can name either a UCB staff or faculty member, or an LBNL colleague who is already a UCB guest. Everyone must have a sponsor.

Why do you need to know where I work?

Actually, we don't need to know but UCB does. California provides additional funding for UCB for postdocs working in certain kinds of space. We provide this data back to UCB and they use it for that purpose (so it's very important that you give us correct information).

What if I forgot my CalNet Username/Password?

To reset your username/password, contact the UCB Account Services Desk next to the Cal 1 Card Office.