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Which web browser should I use?

The Lab has traditionally supported Microsoft IE and Firefox for web browsers. With the increased use of Google Applications, we are recommending Chrome as the standard browser. However we recognize that not all applications work equally well with all browsers. Most of us use more than one.

Current versions of popular browsers seem to work correctly with Lab applications though some vendors like PeopleSoft have only certified a subset.

Google supports the current and prior versions of most browsers. Go here for current information.

General Guidance on Bookmarks

Normal ways to create a bookmark (dragging the URL icon (the symbol on the far left before the "http ..." text)  to the bookmark area at the top of the window) will work for most sites but not for sites like and others using the labs single sign-on system.  For these, you need to explicitly create the bookmark and make sure the location is or whatever site you want to go to.

If you have an existing bookmark you can hover over it, right click and then edit (if chrome) or go to properties (if Firefox) and type in the text (e.g.

Should I allow my browser to save passwords and form data for me?

The benefits of saving frequently entered data are time saved in typing and minimizing password memorization. These features also help to eliminate the practice of writing down passwords, which can make them accessible to others. Unfortunately, the storage of this information could allow exposure of the data to attackers.

Because of this threat, it is not generally recommended to allow your browser to save passwords or sensitive form data (credit card number, date of birth, SSN, etc.) If you need to save a password, our recommended approach is to use a password manager, located on our software site.

    Google Chrome download:

    Mozilla Firefox download:

    Troubleshooting steps:

    • Clear the browser cache  - very often this will solve the problem.  
    • Check to see if popups are being blocked and allow them to function. (If you use Chrome, you can selectively allow them or block all.  Check out this help article.)
    • Check to see that you accept cookies
    • Remove browser extensions that might interfere with the application.

    For a quick check, try using a browser instance that is not impacted by prior use.

    • In Chrome "New incognito windows" is an option under the main bar-code menu.
    • In Firefox "New private window" is found under the File menu
    • In Safari "Private Browsing" is found under the Safari menu
    • In Internet Explorer "New session" under the File menu.

    Clearing Cache

    For Chrome, go here

    For Firefox, go here


    1. Click "preferences" in the upper left hand corner.
    2. Click "privacy" tab in preferences window.
    3. Click "remove all website data" button.

    If you have a problem using a browser with a Lab application, please contact the Help Desk - or call x4357.

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