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The Berkeley Lab Calendar Chrome Extension adds two links to Google Calendar invites which have conference rooms assigned to the meetings. The links appear as blue clickable boxes. One says "map" and the other says "info".

  • Link to a Commons page which displays information about the conference room (Example: 50-Auditorium-CR)

Installation (Chrome)

To use the Berkeley Lab Calendar extension:

  1. Install the Chrome Browser (this extension only works on the Chrome Browser)
  2. Navigate to the Chrome Store and click on the For link (make sure you have logged in using your Berkeley Lab Enterprise credentials)
  3. Click on the Berkeley Lab Calendar Extension
  4. Click on the Add to Chrome button
  5. Restart Chrome Browser and login to Google Calendar

Installation (Firefox)

This extension can also work with most recent versions of Firefox.

1. download the extension file from here

2. In Firefox, open the add-ons menu

3. Under the "Gear" Icon, choose "Install from File"

4. Find the file on your computer (probably in "Downloads") and select it.

5. You're done!

How to Use

To use the functionality of the Berkeley Lab Calendar extension, assign a conference room resource to a meeting.  The links will be visible to anyone with access to the invite and who have installed the extension.

Note that an older version of this extension could actually paste extended meeting location information directly into the calendar invitation. Due to to a major Google Calendar redesign, this functionality had to be removed.

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