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Single sign-on with Android


This initial account setup will allow you the flexibility to toggle to your LBL account via your Android device when using other Google mobile Android Apps, such as Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Docs.

Note, these instructions are for Android V4.4x only, please visit here for Google instructions for Android current versions.

First, go into your Android Settings:

Select “Google” for account type:

Select “Existing” account:

Select the “overflow” icon and select “Browser Sign-in”

Enter your full domain email address and select “Next” button:

Per your agreement, select the “OK” button to continue on:

You will be re-directed to the LBNL domain Sign-in.  Do not include the when signing in.   Continue to enter your LDAP password and select the “Login” button:

Continue through Sync selections and feel free to uncheck the items not in use:

After adding your new LBNL SSO account, you will notice your LBL account residing with your personal mobile device account.  Both of these accounts will be available as a toggle selection in the other Google Android Apps you may download or currently have on your mobile device.

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