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Account Termination FAQ

What can an employee do in advance of their leaving

The employee checkout list has electronic data as an element.  Consider transferring important data to your supervisor or someone else at the lab who will replace you. For additional information on this, go here.

What happens to accounts when an employee leaves the lab?

We disable the enterprise directory account two days (not counting weekends) after termination via an automatic process and delete it 90 days (or sometimes at a later date when processing deletes in bulk) after termination via a manual process.  

Can a Supervisor request an exception?

Supervisors can request an exception under specific conditions (a one week delay for "account cleanup" and a one month delay if the individual is changing status (e.g. from career to affiliate). HR can also confirm the status change in lieu of a direct supervisor request.  Note that access to Division owned servers using local credentials are the responsibility of the cognizant manager and scientific division to disable.

How do you change the default dates for account disable/deletion?

The employee's supervisor or sponsor may request that the account be extended through our Termination Notification Process or by contacting the Help Desk.

How do you immediately disable an account?

Call the HelpDesk to immediately disable an account (sometimes called Emergency TNS or Expedited TNS). This action is typically taken by the HR staff member involved in the issue.  This action is reserved for unusual situations. If extenuating circumstances prevent the cognizant HR staff member from making the request, the request may also come from the cognizant Division Deputy/Business Mgr or Division Director. 

Can ex-employees and retirees retain accounts?

Former employees may not retain accounts unless a Lab employee sponsors them as a Berkeley Lab "affiliate". Being an affiliate ensures that a Berkeley Lab employee takes responsibility for use of the account. Berkeley Lab Identity not only provides email or collaboration access, it’s a commitment of institutional resources. As a result, we enforce stricter rules for these accounts.

If you plan to become an affiliate, encourage your supervisor to notify their Administrative and Human Resource Support Staff in advance of the termination. Advance planning will allow the transition to be seamless and to avoid delays incurred because of TNS.

What special provisions are there for retirees?

Currently, retirees that are not rehired-retirees are treated just as we treat all departing employees.  They can request a year of email forwarding, or they can have their division sponsor them as affiliates (this is an easy, no-cost process).   Converting from an employee to an affiliate will keep all your computer accounts current, including your email, your google docs, your commons accounts, etc.   Some privileges associated with those accounts will automatically adjust (for example, you will no longer have signature authority in the financial system if you had that previously).    Affiliate agreements must be renewed annually, through an automated process run by HR.   As a retiree, it's important to keep in touch with your sponsor so they know to renew your affiliate agreement.  In addition, if we ever need to get a hold of you and can't reach you directly, we will try to reach you through your sponsor. 

Can I have my email forwarded?

You may request email forwarding for up to one year. Contact the HelpDesk.

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