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Important Information

August 3, 2016: Webspace retired effective August 3, 2016  

The Webspace service at Berkeley Lab has been officially retired. Webspace Personal content for current Berkeley Lab staff can be found in the webspacemigration folder in Google Drive; Webspace Shared folders have also been migrated and shared with the original collaborators of that content.

 For more information, please contact


Webspace is a Web-based file-storage service. With Webspace, you can share documents or entire folders with peers both internal and external to Berkeley Lab. You can access Webspace through either a Web browser interface or a mapped drive interface. Webspace provides both “home directories” and shared areas more typical of a network file system.


  • Webspace is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for planned maintenance (Saturday at 11:30 p.m. through Sunday at 1 a.m).
  • Webspace files are accessible from most browsers and platforms.
  • Windows systems can use Xythos drive to map drives or native Webdav on Mac/Windows or Linux clients
  • Customers will be able to restore deleted files from trash (until emptied - an automatic process after 90 days in trash).
  • No single file restores from tape and limited restore from Temp storage (currently set at six days) or snapshots.  (Tape restore only in exceptional circumstances)

Permissible Use

  • Data important to Berkeley Lab is the intended use of the system. Do not store personal data (e.g. pictures, music, or video) on this system. We reserve the right to look for file types that do not belong on Webspace, and remove them.
  • MS Access and Filemaker files should be stored on CIFS servers (the IT Windows File Service).
  • Local email folders should be stored on CIFS servers

News and Commentary

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Getting Started

  • To access Webspace, go to the Webspace page, and log in with your LDAP name and password. The first time you log in, the entry will create your Webspace account and fgive you access to your "home directory). It is that easy.
  •  For many users, an account is established to access another user’s shared data (or a top-level shared folder used by a workgroup). This typically happens when someone sends you a link in an e-mail message. If you are a member of a workgroup and you need a "person-independent" area to share data, enter in a help request or contact the Help Desk at ext. 4357 and ask that one be set up for you.


  • Demonstrations can also be arranged by calling the Help Desk at ext. 4357
  • Webspace FAQs

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As of October 2010, there is no charge for Webspace