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You may want to start with our overview page on streaming and video sharing instead.

We provide IP based video streaming broadcasts to the desktop for both live and pre-recorded lectures, meetings and conferences. For do it yourself recorded meetings, we can store presentations as Video on Demand files which can be viewed any time. The video streams can be viewed from local or remote locations, such as off-site buildings or employee homes. The streaming service uses the Epresence streaming application. Streams can be viewed using Adobe Flash player, which provides high quality audio and video broadcasts to the desktop. Presentations can be broadcast from the following locations:

  • Building 50 Auditorium
  • Building 66 Auditorium


Getting Started

Scheduling a Streaming Broadcast

  • Send e-mail to
  • If you require high quality video taping and editing services, or camera operation, contact the Creative Services Office for equipment rental and camera control requirements.

View a Live Broadcast

Most live broadcasts can be viewed by clicking here, and then clicking on one of the Live Broadcasts listed in the Live Event Schedule at the upper right hand corner of the page.

Some events may require special broadcast arrangements with the vendor and a different broadcast link. When these special events occur, the one time live broadcast link will be published in the Today at Berkeley Lab newsletter.

To view a broadcast, you must have Adobe Flash Player 10 for your browser.

Contact the Audio Visual Services group at if you have any questions.

View a Stored Program

  • To view stored programs, click here.
  • To view other stored programs, such as YouTube videos, click here.


Contact information

  • (510) 486-4357
  • E-mail:

Cancellation Policy

  • Requestors are responsible for any charges due to setup and/or pre-testing. Requestors may cancel requests by sending email to


File storage rates:

  • $15.00 for each hour of stored video

Live Broadcasts

  • $ 68.00 per hour basic server setup
  • $ 68.00 per hour for monitoring
  • $ 50.00 per hour producer server rental
  • $ 55.00 for distribution servers (one required for every 500 viewers requested)
  • $ 0.25 per hour per viewer (billed for actual viewer connections)

Basic Editing

Our producer software allows us to electronically store and perform basic editing functions.

  • $ 68.00 per hour basic editing