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Video Conference Meeting Rooms

  • 50B-4205, the largest room, is configured for lecture-type conferences with a large conference table and extra chairs around the parameter of the room to accommodate a large number of attendees.
  • 90-3075, a medium-size room, includes a table and is configured to view the remote site in a meeting-like atmosphere.
  • 50F-1647, the smallest room, includes a table for a small number of attendees and is arranged for viewing remote attendees in a standard meeting-like atmosphere.

All three rooms are equipped with high definition cameras and TV's.  Technical support during your video conference is available by calling ext. 7997.  State the room you are in and that you require assistance for your video conference.  Our technicians are paged and respond quickly to all video conference trouble calls.

If you require support for a private room or have questions regarding video conferencing in general, please send e-mail to or call our reservation desk ext. 6767. If calling from outside Berkeley Lab, dial (510) 486-6767.

Getting Started

Scheduling a Video Conference

Use of the equipment in the three IT maintained rooms is free if you setup the meeting yourself. Simply reserve the room. You do not need to fill out the reservation form. If you do require assistance, fill out the Reservation Request Form and a request will be sent to the LBNL video conference reservation desk.

To simplify conference setup, ask your remote collaborator to contact the technical staff at their location to obtain room numbers and availability, equipment type, and the network or phone numbers. If requesting the IT staff to make the connection, please list this information on the Reservation Request Form

Remember, by making the connections yourself, there is no charge for equipment use. Contact the video conference for more details and to schedule a free training session.



  • Room rate if technical assistance is required to make connections: $58/hour
  • Self-serve room rate: Free
  • User self-serve training: $68/hour (half-hour usually required)
  • Dedicated in-room tech support person: $68/hour
  • Portable unit rental: $40/hour or $200/day. Set-up fee is $68/hour, and usually takes an hour. An active spare network jack must be in place.
  • ISDN connection: $0.15/minute per channel. Most conferences are held at 128 Kbps, requiring two channels or dial-up connections at $18/hour. A 384 Kbps connection requires six channels or dial-up connections, costing $54/hour.
  • Multisite conference bridging service by ESnet: no charge
  • Outside vendor gateway connection charges vary from $150-$300/hour.