VPN - Virtual Private Network

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A VPN is a network built for the private use of a particular institution over a shared public infrastructure. Several groups of people can benefit from VPN services: 

  • Home users with Internet connectivity who need to access otherwise restricted LBNL network resources
  • Users on travel or on remote assignment who need access to otherwise restricted LBNL network resources¬†
  • Any LBNL remote user who wants his or her data to be encrypted across the Internet while communicating with LBLnet.

LBNL uses VPN technology to provide secure connections for remote access users. Because LBL-VPN users are assigned an IP address in the lbl.gov domain, they can access Laboratory resources as if they were on site. LBL-VPN is a software-based VPN service. Employees wishing to use LBL-VPN must install VPN client software on their computer(s).

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Getting Started

  • Go the Software Downloads page and log in with your LDAP username and password.
  • Select the VPN client software and download.


  • Your VPN username and password is your LDAP username and password.
  • Installation help
  • Call the Helpdesk at ext. 4357 (486-4357) or e-mail help@lbl.gov.

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  • There is no charge for VPN