Training and Awareness

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Berkeley Lab provides a number of services to help you better understand and use our IT services, as well as improve your skills with computer applications.


Calendar: Our IT calendar provides information on all scheduled training opportunities.

Online Computer Training: BLI facilitates access to SkillSoft online learning courses.


IT is happy to provide customized seminars or training sessions for your needs for virtually any sized group at LBL. Just drop us a line at [email protected]

Our flagship presentation is "IT Support for Science" a 45-minute overview of our service portfolio designed for research staff which includes interactive demos of the latest features in our collaboration apps.

We offer Google training to groups of any size, customized for various technical levels and interests (more administrative, more scientific collaboration oriented, etc).

Finally, we will customize training/awareness activities for virtually any purpose - just drop us a line at the email above.

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