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IT treats tablet computers like the iPad as if they were any other mobile device. We provide support for open standards, support for configuration assistance, and ordering assistance as applicable.

iPad2 Information

The iPad2 can be purchased through IT Desktop Support or your Division's procurement support.  Two versions of the iPad2 are available: WiFi only or with built-in AT&T or Verizon modem.  Be sure to choose the iPad2 that meets your data requirements.

3G service can be ordered through Telephone Services (division level approval is required). Select your service as follows:

iPad2 with WiFi: Telephone Services can order a MiFi card from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint to connect via the WiFi.

iPad2 with WiFi and 3G: comes with built-in AT&T or Verizon modem.  Telephone Services can activate 3G service with the appropriate carrier.

News and Commentary

Blog Posts

Mobile is an IT strategic initiative. More information is available in our Strategic Plan>>>  )

Getting Started

* You can purchase an iPad from search CDWG/US-Falcon for iPad.

* Configuration information is available here>>>


Mobile configurations for Google Apps are fully supported.  At this time, other services on the iPad are considered pilot; however, the helpdesk will attempt to answer your questions.  

You may also be able to get answers to your questions by joining the Mac User Group at LBL.

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Core support is provided free of charge.  Additional support and troubleshooting may incur charges.

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