Support for Domain Names

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General Description and Rationale

While most LBL websites utilize a subdomain of (e.g., there are situations where a domain name may make sense.  Using the "" domain may imply the website is from an LBNL only research project, when in fact it may be from a collaboration between researchers at LBNL and other labs. Other situations include public-facing branding concerns, requirements from program managers and funders, and concern about representing certain research as DOE-funded. 

The maintenance of domain names requires payments to registrars.  Additionally, some effort is required to verify the ongoing need for the web site and to keep Domain Name Systems (DNS), contacts, and other information current.    

 The current charges for requesting or renewing a domain name may be viewed at Price List for Parts and Services 

How to Request a Domain Names

To request a domain name please contact the IT Help Desk. Request the support type "Software Purchasing", a Project-Activity ID is required for the purchase.  

 Transferring a domain name registered with LBL

If your domain is registered and/or paid for by LBL and needs to be transferred to an external party, please get email approval from a cognizant division approval authority (Division Director or Deputy) with the rationale for the transfer (e.g. project being transferred to a collaborating institution, project has ended but PI will continue it outside of LBL, etc).  Email with the initial request and cc: the division approver, division approver should then reply all to the email with their approval.

New .gov Domain Names

The US Government has implemented a policy which restricts the further registration of .gov for projects, programs, or groups within DOE (this applies to new domains, not subdomains - that is, we CANNOT register, but of course you can still register  Generally speaking, new .gov domain names cannot be acquired.  If you wish to discuss further, contact

Aftermarket Domain Names

If you wish to acquire an aftermarket domain name (that is, you wish to buy a domain name that is already registered to someone), this needs to first be done through LBL's procurement Department.  After the purchase is complete, IT can facilitate the transfer to LBL's DNS control.   Submit a ticket to AFTER the procurement has been completed.




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