Software Development Tools

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Version Control and Project Hosting

Bitbucket:  Berkeley Lab DVCS/Project Hosting Environment hosted by Atlassian.  Provides Git and Mercurial repository support, basic issue tracking, and collaborative documentation.  Projects can be kept private to teams, or made public.  Login with your LBL Google Account is supported.  This service is similar to GitHub.  Click the link to learn how to request a repository.  

Google Code: Google Code is provided as an auxiliary (unsupported) Google Service that can be accessed with your LBL Google Account.  Google Code is only utilized for Open Source Projects.  Projects cannot be kept private.  Ensure you have the appropriate approvals from Tech Transfer to start an open source project before using Google Code.   No support is provided for Google Code by LBL IT.

Enterprise Developer Accounts and App Store Submissions

Apple iOS Enterprise Developer:  LBL IT maintains a single Enterprise Developer Account for the benefit of the Laboratory.  Subaccounts can be created for individuals to create iOS applications using the Apple Provided IDEs.   Certificates can be created and distributed. This account supports both restricted enterprise deployments of applications and deployment through the App Store.  To request to be added to the iOS developer account, open a ticket at   Additional Information on the iOS account processes is here. 

Google Play Developer Dashboard:  LBL IT supports a single account for submission to the Google Play store that can, in turn, grant project level access to any LBL Google Account.  To request a project in the Google Play Developer console, open a ticket at

Training and Community

The Coders Mailing List and the Apple Mac Users Groups Mailing Lists are good places to seek assistance, help, and emotional support for software development efforts.  

IT provides a wide selection of training classes for software development, including the Software Carpentry Bootcamps which specifically address the needs of scientific developers.  In addition, we are happy to program additional classes for the Laboratory where there is sufficient shared demand.  More information is available on our Training page. 

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