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You can create short links of the form

You must request access to create your own "vanity" short links. Certain guidelines apply. Request access from the Helpdesk.

Google Docs Presentations automatically creates google shortlinks for public presentations. You can find this link at the bottom left of the presentation once the presentation is publicly shared.

News & Commentary

Blog Posts

Getting Started

Anyone can use short links and the automatic presentations links.

Others must request the ability to create shortlinks from the helpdesk.


Service Level: This is a Google "Labs" service, meaning it is provided to LBL without support by Google. As such, we provide it without support to the lab community.

Guidelines: Only Labwide services may use generic vanity short links. For example, a single scientific division may not use for its division safety page. IT and Public Affairs may take back vanity short links that violate this guidelines.


  • The service is part of the Berkeley Lab Technology Toolbox and is provided to all employees and affiliates at no recharge.  

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