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Top Services for Science

Below, we offer an list of some of our most important science support services.  Of course, all our services are available to everyone at Berkeley Lab.

1. Scientific Computing

IT offers both an institutional cluster and management and deployment of PI owned clusters to ensure efficient management of these resources. Researchers can apply for allocations on Lawrencium, or work with IT to specify, deploy, and manage dedicated clusters.  More>>>

2. Collaboration Technologies & Concierge Services

IT offers a wide variety of collaboration technologies designed to help researchers work together and share information effectively.  These technologies are designed to be platform-neutral, work with external-collaborators, and support a diverse set of collaboration needs.  This area includes both realtime collaboration like online meetings and videoconferencing, and integrated content applications for sharing files and content. In addition, we can help you find great collaboration services for your needs, whether IT provides them or not, when you use our free Concierge services.  More>>>

3. Virtual Servers in the Cloud and on our Infrastructure

IT offers researchers efficient allocation, deployment, and management of various kinds of virtual servers to support scientific needs.  We can provision these systems on LBL infrastructure, or in the cloud.  We can also help you to provision and secure your own cloud-based services with our cloud concierge services.  (Information coming soon).

4.  Advanced Networking for Science

IT operates a fast, flat network with no packet destruction devices (aka firewalls) between you and your collaborators.  Working with ESnet and Internet2, we can help provision dedicated virtual high-bandwidth circuits for particular scientific needs across the wide area network.  We can also help you design and implement specialized local networks for particular scientific needs, as well as provide you and your visitors with ubiquitous high speed wifi.  More>>>

5. Security for Science

IT manages a science-driven cybersecurity program that is optimized to minimize interruptions to research while still appropriately protecting scientific work.  We offer free vulnerability scanning and system reviews for all projects at the Laboratory, as well as many other services in support of science. More>>>

Additional Services

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