Server and Linux Backups

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This page describes our server and linux backup services. For PC/Mac desktop/laptop backup services, please see our new service page.

Backup services consist of automated nightly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or custom backups of system data. Normal backup schedules include one monthly full backup and daily/nightly incremental with weekly differential backups. However, we can accommodate any schedule/frequency required by the customer including one-time backups.

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We're in the process of developing new service offerings for long term storage of bulk scientific data that doesn't require frequent updates. More information will be available here as we develop the service offering.

Getting Started

  • For backup setup and installation, your machine must be on the LBNL network.
  • Go to the Backup Setup/Installation page and enter the host to add backup service, select the host’s operating system, the type of use, and time of day to schedule your backup.
  • Archiving Service: Berkeley Lab's centralized computer backup service provides archival service, storing data off site in an environmentally controlled facility for three or five years. For setup and rates, see the Backup Archiving Service page.


Veritas Services

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  • One-time setup fee: $50
  • VERITAS BACKUP Service: MONTHLY: $10 per month, plus the following based on backup size:
    • 0-25GB @ $3.50/GB
    • 26-50GB @ $2.50/GB
    • 50-2,500GB @ $0.50/GB
    • 2,500+GB @ $0.20/GB
  • RESTORE Service Fees: Data-restore services are charged on a time-and-materials basis of $110/hour; priority rate is 1.5 times regular rate.
    • First copy stored on disk on UC Berkeley Campus @ $0.26/GB
    • Second copy stored on disk out of area @ $0.16/GB