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Reimbursement Process

NOTE: This procedure is subject to specific requirements found under the High Speed Remote Access Reimbursement Policy

A letter/email indicating either Division Director or designee approval of partial reimbursement (50%), or Division Director or designee and CIO approval of an exception (100%) must be on file with NTD before reimbursement can proceed.

Requesters should submit a Request for Issuance of Check (Resource Category 21000 Telecommunications) along with the original receipts for service to their Division Business Manager.  The Business Manager or delegate should sign the request for check and mail to TSC-Remote Access, MS 50E0101 for processing.  TSC will forward the request, with adjustments, if necessary, to Accounts Payable for final processing.  Requesters should seek to minimize the cost of reimbursement by filing not more than quarterly.

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