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The Archives and Records Office (ARO) offers training and workshops on topics including records scheduling and disposition, vital records protection, disaster preparedness, and archiving research and development records. Training is provided to Records Liaison Officers (divisional representatives who work with ARO to coordinate and implement Berkeley Lab's records-management program in their division) and the general LBNL population about records responsibilities.

RPM 1.17, Archives and Records Management

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Getting Started


  • ARO FAQs
  • Contact the Lab Archivist and Records Manager, John Stoner (, ext. 6399) to arrange specialized training or if you have any questions.

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  • Request boxes from ARO. These boxes are only to be used for sending records to ARO; they are not to be used as moving and storage boxes. The first 10 boxes are free of charge; if you need more than 10 boxes, the charge is $1.75 a box.
  • Transportation charges to transport records to ARO:
    • 5 boxes or fewer: One driver for a half-hour at $50/hour
    • 6-20 boxes: Two drivers, each a half-hour at $50/hour
    • More than 20 boxes: Depends on volume. Contact Transportation at ext. 5404 for details.