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My department already has a profile page for me, why does this one exist as well?

Many departments around the Lab have created their own web-presence, but there has never been a Lab-wide web presence for researchers. As a result, very many researchers do not have profiles and many of their fantastic accomplishments are not visible to the public. This new lab-wide site can exist in conjunction with division-level sites. Over time, some divisions may decide that they do not need to maintain a site of their own if this one can adequately cover the task.

I don't want a public profile. How do I take it down?

Generally, our policy is that every researcher will have a profile page and exceptions will only be granted in special individual circumstances in which HR has deemed it appropriate to suppress your information.

I am not a researcher, but there's a profile page for me. How do I get it removed?

Our process for identifying researchers vs non-research staff is imperfect. If you are not a researcher and do not publish, please notify and we will shut down both your Publications Management System account and your profile page.

I am a researcher, but there is no profile page for me. How do I get one created?

Email to have your Publications Management Account and profile pages enabled.

My profile shows few or none of my publications?

The profile pages pull publication information from the Publications Management System. If you have not logged into that system and are not curating your work, then your profile will certainly be incomplete or even empty. Claiming or entering your publications into the Publications Management System is already a Lab requirement, so this should not be additional effort.

My profile shows publications I'd rather not include.

It is possible to mark publications "invisible" in the Publications Management System and they will not appear in your public profile.

This view shows a publication open in the "My Publications" section of the Pubs Management Tool. Click on the icon of an eye with a slash through it to hide your publication.

I would like to add a publication directly to my profile, without dealing with the Publications Management System

This is not possible. Claim or enter the work into the Publications Management System.

How do I customize my profile?

Limited customization is available by way of entering additional biographical information (including a photograph) into the Publications Management System. See more information here.

I made some changes to my profile on the Publications Management System, but the profile remains the same.

Changes made to the Publications Management System are downloaded to the profile site on a daily basis overnight. Any changes you made today will be visible tomorrow morning. We may increase the frequency of this update process if required.

I notice publications are listed in reverse time order. Is there a way to highlight or "favorite" a publication.

Unfortunately, no. Though the Publications Management System has such a feature, it does not translate into the profile system.

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