Operations Desktop Support

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Operations Desktop Support provides Mac and Windows technical assistance on the Operations (non-science) side of the Berkeley Lab. It helps with planning and implementation of the computing infrastructure for Operations.

ODS provides a computer with standard hardware and software for employees who use a computer daily. This group includes guests or contractors, full-time and part-time positions.  For employees who do not use a computer full-time, but who do need regular access, the program provides shared computers.

In addition to maintaining up to date software and hardware, the program provides Help Desk and field support, as well as planning for major moves and other related projects.

For fuller information on the program background, its policies, and its current hardware and software, see Operations Desktop Support .

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Getting Started

For any of the following, enter a Service Request. You must login to this page for the form to work.

  • requesting a new workstation,
  • printer setup,
  • requesting a new monitor,
  • requesting a loaner computer,
  • buying a standard computer outside of the program


Submit a Help Desk ticket, or contact the Helpdesk at ext. 4357 (486-4357) between 9 a.m.-5 p.m.. or e-mail help@lbl.gov.

A coordinator exists for each division to help with implementation of the program.

Related Services

  • Operations Division primary workstation replenishment: See Service Request
  • Windows file services: See CIFS
  • Cyber security support (antivirus, antispyware, patch management,¬†firewall)
  • Site (or bulk) licenses for selected products (Druva inSync, for example): See Software Downloads
  • Computer Training Room rental and coordination (90-0026): See Training Room
  • Printer repair: See Printer Support


ODS is overhead funded for Operations. This includes the planned replacement of primary computers, maintenance activity, and all other associated services in support of the program. It does not pay for secondary computers, printers, or specialized instruments.