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New Users

Approval Process

A letter/email indicating either Division Director or designee approval of partial reimbursement (50%), or Division Director or designee and CIO approval of an exception (100%) must be on file with NTD before reimbursement can proceed.  The letter/email shall include the following information:

User name
Service type (DSL or Cable)
% of reimbursement (50% or 100%)
Division name (ex. ITSD, MS, EH&S, etc.) that is authorizing the service and reimbursement.

Send letter to High Speed Data Access, MS 50E0101 or email

Vendor Information

To order DSL service from SBC (New and Existing Users):

Please go to,,18,00.html?pl_code=MSBC245C8952P192180B0S0.  This site will give you easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  You will be asked for your telephone number.  Your will be offered two different options for installation; self-install or Technician install.  Here is a brief description of the options;

  • Self-install: SBC will activate the DSL on your residential line and send you a self-install kit with step-by-step instructions and software.  The DSL will only work on the jack that your residential line is currently on.  This type of install is free.
  • Technician install: SBC will install everything from the line to your computer.  If necessary, the technician will install a new jack.  A technician install is $200 and will require an adult to be present to allow access.

To order high speed access from Comcast Cable:

  • Please go to for step-by-step instructions.  You will be asked if you are an existing customer.  If you currently have Comcast Cable as your TV cable provider, mark yes.
    Self-install (this is not available in all areas): Comcast will activate your cable outlet to allow internet access.  You will be sent an instruction kit which will include; step-by-step instructions, software and cable.  If applicable, you will be responsible for labor costs associated with relocating jacks and any additional cable.  The self-installation is free of charge.
  • Premium install: Comcast will provide a technician to install a cable jack and necessary cable.  The technician will insure that your service is up and running properly.  The cost of this service is $99 for one computer.  For two or more it is $150 and up.  These prices may vary depending on your location of residence.  Please note: LBNL will only reimburse (50% or 100%) for one computer, unless more than one employee resides in residence.

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