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Berkeley Lab has developed a web-based public profile site that includes individual pages for every Area, Division, and researcher. The data that populates these pages comes from the Lab-wide Publications Management System. As a result, if you would like to elaborate your profile you should do so from the Publications Management System.

Timeline and Availability

The profile site is available for internal viewing by LBL personnel now, but will not be discoverable by the public at large for a few months. This period is intended to give researchers an opportunity to curate their profiles and well as provide feedback. You can send feedback to After a period of internal access, the site will be made public, and will replace the existing system,

Elaborating your Profile in the Publications Management

As a matter of policy and compliance with DOE mandates, the Lab requires that you maintain your publications in the publications management system. If you do so, all your published work will automatically appear in your profile without further action on your part. This represents a "minimal" profile.

However, if you merely claim and upload publications, your resulting public profile will lack important elements that make for an attractive and useful profile. We strongly recommend you consider adding the following information to your profile:

  • A headshot photograph
  • A research statement
  • Your educational information
  • Previous work experience and other affiliations
  • Awards Received
  • Events and presentations in which you have participated (conferences, etc)
  • Links to project or program websites with which you are affiliated.

All of this information can be entered within the Publications Management System, under Menu → My Account → Profile → Edit Profile

Changing basic user profile information

First, if you choose Menu →  My Account → Profile → Edit Profile (as shown in the picture above) you will find settings for your photograph, academic appointments, degrees, certifications, etc. Adding information to most of these sections is as simple as clicking the plus sign and entering whatever you like.

You can also add contact information not present in your HR data. However, if the contact information that is present is wrong, correct the information in your LDAP listing rather than trying to do so here. Unfortunately, any nickname you add to your phonebook record will not reflect in the public profile. If you name is displayed incorrectly, please contact HR to see about getting it corrected in their database.

Hiding Publications

By defailt, all the publications "claimed" in the Publications Management System will be displayed in your profile. If, for some reason, you do not want a publication listed under your profile, you can make it "invisible" in the Publications Management System by displaying a publication in the list view and clicking on the invisible icon:

When you make a publication invisible, it's background becomes striped. You can see it, but others will not.

Adding Professional Activities

Professional Activities include committee membership, event participation, awards, distinctions, interviews, editorials, etc. You can add any number of items in various categories as such. If you find there is a category that is important to your profile but is absent, we will see about adding it.

Choose Menu => Professional Activities and you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Towards the upper right, you can click "Add a new professional activity" and you will be presented with a drop-down list, like this:

From here, choose the activity type that most closely matches what you'd like to add and proceed by entering information on the form. Starred entries in the form are required, and additional entries generally provide descriptive context. Note that "conferences" are a type of "event". You can hoose "Conference" as the event type once you choose event, and you can also specify your role at the event.

Adding Links to Websites

On the profile page, scroll down to the section "Addresses". Under it, you will find "Web addresses and social media." Click "Add a web address" and enter the information. If you provide an URL, be sure to also provide the descriptive label, or else your profile will show the naked link. For example, you might prefer the link said "Google Scholar" rather than ""

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