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The HPC Services Group provides ongoing and time-and-materials support for a variety of Linux desktop, server and cluster systems. The group currently supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x and 6.x; Centos Linux 5.x and 6.x; and Network Appliance DataOntap.


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Getting Started

  • New users should read Laboratory rules and policies RPM 9.02D Section 9 on Network Citizenship Guidelines that describe your responsibilities as they pertain to voice, data, and network services
  • To open a new UNIX account, go here.
  • Account creation requests are completed within one-to-two working days. The UNIX Group or Help Desk will contact you by phone to assign you a temporary password and then activate your user name on the appropriate systems. You may change this password as long as the new password conforms to the password policy outlined below.
  • Login names are limited to eight characters in length and cannot incorporate any punctuation or special characters. When you submit a new account request, you are allowed to choose your own login name; however, we may not be able to create a new account with the login name of your choice if the name has already been registered. Conversely, if you have an existing registered UID/user name, then that name will be used for the new account.
  • A user is given a user name (also known as a login name or user ID) and associated password that permits her/him to access a given UNIX system machine or machines. This user name/password pair may be used by a single individual only. Passwords and user names may not be shared.
  • The IT Division will disable a user who shares any one of her/his user names with another person. If a person using a user name is not the one who is officially registered with the IT Division as the owner of that user name, then "sharing" has occurred and all user names associated with the owner of the shared user name will be disabled. If a user is disabled due to account sharing, the PI or an authorized account manager must send a memo to explaining why the sharing occurred and assuring that it will not occur again. The IT Division will then determine if the user should be re-enabled.
  • Computer account changes and deactivation requests should be forwarded to the Help Desk at ext. 4357. It is the responsibility of the user and their supervisor to notify us of account changes and deactivations. UNIX computer accounts are not automatically deactivated when an employee changes their career status.


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  • The LBNL Scientific UNIX systems are funded on a recharge basis. There is a $75 one-time fee for new accounts and a $25/month user account fee to cover the cost of account administration. Additionally, there are fees for the use of the Scientific computers and file servers. Please click here for a full listing of rates.