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What is LabTech?

LabTech is a free event created by and for Lab staff (and friends from UCB, SLAC, Stanford, etc) that focuses on computing and technology for science and operations. Modeled after UC San Diego's immensely popular Sharecase event, LabTech features technical tutorials, discussion sessions, networking opportunities, demonstrations, and more. LabTech is a multi-track conference, with tracks aimed at scientists, technologists, and support staff.  Whether you're interested in the latest tools for data management for scientists, or the newest features in LBL business systems, LabTech will have something for everyone.

This is our fourth LabTech event and each year we continue to refine and grow our flagship outreach and community event for computing at the Laboratory. 

What's Happening This Year?

You spoke and we listened!  Based on feedback received from last year's survey, we've made LabTech into two full days.  Day 1 will be composed of longer deep-dive sessions.  Day 2 will include lightning round sessions in multiple tracks, a lunch+keynote, and a variety of mixer events.  Just like last year, our LabTech Promenade Tent will include demos, snacks, vendors, and more.  

We're still firming up the schedule, but here's a sample of what you can expect:

The Program (Final)

Click here to view the final program.

Wednesday September 9th (Long Courses)

AM Session: 10:00AM – 12:00PM | PM Session: 1:00PM – 4:00PM 
Locations: 50A-5132, 50 Auditorium, 70A-3377, 66 Auditorium

  • The Science DMZ for HPC and Experiment Environments
  • Globus
  • Security Monitoring for High Performance Networks 
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with MATLAB (half day)
  • Intro and Advanced Arduino (2 half day sessions)
  • Agile Project Management (full day)
  • Parallel and GPU Computing with MATLAB (half day)
  • Python for Science (half day)

Thursday September 10th (Short Tracks+Demos+Keynote+The Tent)

6 Parallel Tracks beginning at 10AM and ending with a social hour at 4pm.  Keynote at Noon.
Locations: 50A-5132, 50B-4205, 50 Auditorium, 70A-3377, 70-191, LabTech Tent (H2 Lot - in between 50 & 70A), 66 Auditorium

  • Scientific Computing (HPC)
    • Contextual Fusion Using the Intel® Context Sensing SDK 
    • Bringing the User into Research and Software Development
    • Jupyter, A Platform for Data Science at Scale
    • Conquering Big Data with BDAS
    • Introduction to SparkR
    • Hadoop and Spark on Demand
    • Unlimited Google Drive for Data Archive and Scientific Collaboration
    • Using and Contributing to Berkeley Common Environment
  • Productivity
    • Intro to Google Sites
    • Distributed (vs centralized) Version Control Systems (DVCS) 
    • Intro to Electronic Signatures with HelloSign
    • HelloSign for Coders
    • Using the LBL Video Conferencing Carts (w/Fuze, Hangouts, Skype)
    • eBuy Tips & Tricks
    • Intro to Automated Web Based Application Testin Using Selenium

  • Technology
    • Diagramming with Lucidchart
    • Project Management with Smartsheet
    • Getting Organized with Gmail
    • Intro Google Analytics
    • 1Password to Rule Them All
    • Capriza for Science
    • Cyber Security is Easy: Do These Two Things
  • Collaborations
    • Intro to Collab Tools for New Users
    • Mac Users Group (MUG) Meeting
    • Becoming More Productive with Confluence
    • Intro to Evernote
    • Library Power Tips
    • Advanced Excel: Creating and Applying Named Ranges
    • Advanced Excel: Pivot Tables
    • Social Media @Berkeley Lab 
  • Track TBD
    • Shifter - Bringing Docker-like Functionality to HPC
    • Intro to Pivot - Find Research Funding
    • Pivot Funding Search Strategies
    • Intro to Amazon Web Services for Scientists
    • Amazon Science Use Cases
    • Optimizing AWS Hadoop for Bioinformatics: A Case Study
    • Social Media @Berkeley Lab
  • Demos in the LT Tent
    • askUS: Demo Common Service Requests
    • Smartsheet Tips and Tricks
    • Lucidchart Tips and Tricks
    • Recent Product Announcements from Apple
    • Build Your Own Reports: Intro to Cognos Self Service
    • Getting the most out of Google Drive

I can't come for the entire day!

Don't worry - you can come and go as you please - but you still need to  register .

I have something to talk about!

Great - when you register for the event you can propose a talk!

I have a particular topic that I'd like to hear!

Excellent - we want to hear from you! There is a section on the registration  form to provide us with your topic(s) of interest.

What Happened Last Year?

Over 550 Berkeley Lab staff and affiliates came out for our third LabTech event.  Scientists, staff, and visitors all gave the event some of the highest ratings for any event we've ever put on.  This year, we're hoping to put together an even more informative and rewarding event. 

Transportation to Berkeley Lab

For our external visitors and invited guests, please click on the link below and fill out the form to let us know your method of transportation to Berkeley Lab (e.g., driving, LBNL shuttle, taxi, etc.).  We’ll need this information no later than Friday, September 4 in order to make the needed site access arrangements for you on your arrival. 

Due to limited parking at the Lab, we encourage our guests to take public transportation or make alternate transportation plans, if possible.  

Driving Directions

LBNL Shuttle

Berkeley Lab provides off-site shuttle service and travels along the perimeter of the University of California at Berkeley campus to Downtown Berkeley. Please click on the above "transportation" link and fill out the form to have your name added to the shuttle list.  You will be required to show a picture ID to board the shuttle.  For our UCB attendees, we have been advised by our Site Access Office that a shuttle pass is required for you to board.  Please make sure you fill out the form so that we can issue you a shuttle pass.

For shuttle routes and schedules, please go here:

Shuttle stops are marked with this sign:  


If you plan to drive, please fill out the form above.  Note that due to multiple construction projects taking place at Berkeley Lab, parking is limited so allow for plenty of time. All parking passes will be issued as “General Parking”.  We recommend parking at the following parking lots:

I, B1, and J

LabTech Event Map:

LabTech will take place in multiple conference rooms in buildings 50, 70, 70A Vendor tents will be located in the H2 Parking Lot. 

To view the Berkeley Lab interactive map go here.

Is there a mobile app?

This year LabTech is using a mobile app called "Guidebook", you can go here to download the app for iOS, Android as well as view the guide on the web.  Use the code "labtech2015" to retrieve the guide.

I have questions!

Great - just email: