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Register Now!  Registration is free for LBL Staff and guests from UC, SLAC, and LLNL.  Click Here!

What is LabTech?

LabTech is a free event created by and for Lab staff that focuses on computing and technology for science and operations. Modeled after UC San Diego's immensely popular Sharecase event, LabTech features technical tutorials, discussion sessions, networking opportunities, demonstrations, and more. LabTech is a multi-track conference, with tracks aimed at scientists, technologists, and support staff.  Whether you're interested in the latest tools for data management for scientists, or the newest features in LBL business systems, LabTech will have something for everyone.

Full Program and Course Description

To view the full program and course description, click here.

What's Happening This Year?

Just like last year, LabTech will be composed of longer deep-dive morning sessions, followed by a lunch+keynote, followed by afternoon "lightning" sessions and then a post-conference mixer.  We're still firming up the schedule, but here's a sample of what you can expect:

Selected Afternoon Lightning Rounds

 Click Here for The Full Schedule 

  • Scientific Computing (HPC)
    • Researcher Use Cases
    • Getting Started with Intel Xeon Phi
    • The SLURM scheduler on Lawrencium
  • Collaboration
    • Video Conferencing with FUZE
    • Getting the most out of Google Hangouts
    • Google Docs and Drive 
    • Creating Diagrams with Lucidchart
  • Productivity
    • Excel Tips and Tricks
    • Powerpoint Tips and Tricks
    • What you need to know about F$M
  • Research and Information Management
    • Wordpress
    • New from the Library

I can't come for the entire day!

Don't worry - you can come and go as you please - but you still need to register.

I have something to talk about!

Great - when you register for the event you can propose a talk!

I have a particular topic that I'd like to hear!

Excellent - we want to hear from you! There is a section on the registration form to provide us with your topic(s) of interest.

What Happened Last Year?

Over 400 Berkeley Lab staff came out for our second LabTech.  Scientists, staff, and visitors all gave the event some of the highest ratings for any event we've ever put on.  This year, we're hoping to put together an even more informative and rewarding event.  


Transportation to Berkeley Lab

For our external visitors (Non-LBNL), please click on the link below and fill out the form to let us know your method of transportation to Berkeley Lab (e.g., driving, LBNL shuttle, taxi, etc.).  We’ll need this information no later than Thursday, September 4, in preparation for your arrival.

Due to limited parking at the Lab, we encourage our guests to take public transportation or make alternate transportation plans, if possible.  

Driving Directions

LBNL Shuttle

Berkeley Lab provides off-site shuttle service and travels along the perimeter of the University of California at Berkeley campus to Downtown Berkeley. Please click on the above "transportation" link and fill out the form to have your name added to the shuttle list.  You will be required to show a picture ID to board the shuttle.  For our UCB attendees, your UCB badge is sufficient. 

For shuttle routes and schedules, please go here:

Shuttle stops are marked with this sign:  


If you plan to drive, please fill out the form above.  Note that due to multiple construction projects taking place at Berkeley Lab, parking will be limited so allow for plenty of time. All parking passes will be issued as “General Parking”.  We recommend parking at the following parking lots:

I, B1, and J

LabTech Event Map:

LabTech will take place in multiple conference rooms in buildings 50, 70, 70A.  Vendor tents will be located in the H2 Parking Lot. 


To view the Berkeley Lab interactive map go here.

I have questions!

Great - just email it-communications @