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We maintain user accounts for several different systems. While many systems use the IT-run Berkeley Lab directory for a single account, there are also accounts maintained for Windows and UNIX systems. 

Users can request the following accounts:

  • Google Apps (Gmail, etc.)
  • Windows Active Directory
  • OTP SSH Gateway (Secure Authentication for SSH)
  • SCS Cluster 

News & Commentary

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We're working on a number of actions to streamline and combine this set of services.  You can read more about this in our strategic plan.

Getting Started

  • Go to the Account Request Page and select the account(s) you want. You must have an LBNL employee number, which is printed on your employee badge.
  • ·If you are seeking an account on Lawrencium, go here.
  • You can also review the "getting started" areas of each service page for more information.


If you need an LDAP password or other assistance, please call the Help Desk, (510) 486-4357.