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Berkeley Lab provides Lawrencium, a 1148-node (20,436 computational cores) Linux cluster equipped with a high performance parallel filesystems and a low latency Infiniband interconnect, to Berkeley Lab researchers and their collaborators needing access to scientific computational resources. The system offers Intel Xeon, Intel Phi and Nividia GPU nodes to meet the needs for a wide diversity of scientific applications.

Its specific goals are to:

  • Meet intermittent need for compute cycles
  • Provide a resource for those who cannot purchase their own cluster
  • Provide additional compute cycles
  • Provide the ability to run larger-scale jobs for those who currently own smaller clusters
  • Provide an environment for scientists to benchmark applications in preparation for running on larger systems or applying for grants and supercomputing center allocations

Please see the Laboratory Research Computing web site for more information.

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Getting Started

The Lawrencium cluster is open to all Berkeley Lab researchers needing access to high performance computing. Research collaborations are also welcome provided that there is a LBNL PI.

LBNL PIs wanting to obtain access to Lawrencium for their research project will need to complete the Requirements Survey and send it along with a list of anticipated users to LRC@lbl.gov. A unique group name will be created for the project and associated users. This group name will be used to setup allocations and report usage. Any LBNL researcher who wants a Lawrencium cluster account associated with an exisiting project can open a ticket at http://service-now.lbl.gov/. In the ticket, please specify the existing Lawrencium project and the PI's name.

Once the PI/project has been received by HPCS, it will be added to the new user form so that new users can associate themselves with an established PI/project when they go to request a new account. Users should go to http://service-now.lbl.gov/ and login using their LBNL LDAP username and password to make the request. Berkeley Lab PIs can also use the form to submit account requests for non-LBNL users associated with their project.

Accounts are added on a first come, first served basis. For security reasons, access to Lawrencium will be through the use of one-time password tokens. Users will be required to complete our user agreement in order to get their one-time password token generator and their account.

Questions regarding setting up new projects or requesting new accounts can be directed to LRC@lbl.gov


  • Send e-mail to¬†hpcshelp@lbl.gov to submit a trouble ticket for problem reporting.

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  • There is a charge of $.01 per compute unit. Compute cycles are allocated on a first-come first-served basis; however, the system job scheduler may back-fill to fit in shorter jobs first. A nominal $25/month per user recharge will cover storage and backups of home directories.

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