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Berkeley lab has a premier account with Google, which provides services for mail, calendaring, sites and docs - all of which we are now using.

As of Tuesday Feb 7, 99% of the lab has been transitioned to the new Google APPs+ environment (a few conflicting accounts remain). This means a wide variety of Google Products can now be used.  These include Picassa, Google Analytics, Google Checkout (for procurement staff), Google Voice, Video, Blogger and Reader.

We are planning to evaluate some of the more promising Google Marketplace apps in the future.  (Manymoon and Smartsheet are two that we have already acquired, but there are a number of others that could be helpful to the lab).

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Go to our Google Help Center and look for marketplace apps as well as new tools being investigated.


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The core google services are provided as part of the Berkeley Lab Technology Resource Kit and is provided to all employees and affiliates at no recharge. Additional Marketplace Apps may incur additional per user or per device costs, which will be clearly established on their service pages.