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The Laboratory's primary email service is Gmail@Berkeley Lab. Gmail supports access via the web interface, IMAP clients, and mobile devices.  Gmail is fully integrated into the Google Apps Suite.

Access gmail at:

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Blog Posts

Gmail is part of our Cloud Initiative and is part of our Google Apps Platform Strategy.  More information is available in our strategic plan>>>

Getting Started

If you're new to the Lab, you'll need to request an account

To access gmail, visit:  


Gmail is a fully supported product. Help is available at the Google Apps Help Center and by contacting the Help Desk.

At the Help Center, you'll find in depth information and tutorials which explain how to get the most out of Gmail.

Recently Updated in the Google Apps Help Center: 

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  • The service is part of the Berkeley Lab Technology Resource Kit and is provided to all employees and affiliates at no recharge.
  •  Some add on services may incur costs.

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