Globus for Data Transfers

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LBNL IT encourages all Berkeley Lab users to use Globus for large data transfers.

New Users

To access Globus interface, Berkeley Lab users can create a new Globus ID of their own or can just use their existing Berkeley Lab login.

Option #1: Use existing Berkeley Lab login

Visit Berkeley Lab's Globus page

From the drop down menu select "Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory" If its not already selected.

Click "Continue".

On the next Berkeley Lab login page, provide your Berkeley Lab login credentials.

Option #2: Create your own Globus ID (not recommended if its not needed)

Create a new Globus ID by visiting this page

Fill out the form and press the create button.  

After account creation, navigate to to use Globus services.

Globus Connect Personal (Endpoint Creation on Personal Machines)

To be able to transfer files to/from one's personal laptop or workstation one needs to create and setup a Globus endpoint corresponding to each of their machines. Globus Connect Personal (GCP) turns your laptop or other personal computer into a Globus endpoint with a just a few clicks. With Globus Connect Personal you can share and transfer files to/from a local machine—campus server, desktop computer or laptop—even if it's behind a firewall and you don't have administrator privileges. Globus Connect Personal is available for all major operating systems. Please visit this Globus page for detailed instructions. 


If you into any issues or need additional assistance with GCP you can either contact Globus support or email LBNL IT HPCS group (email :

Globus Plus Sharing

Globus Plus gives some enhanced features above Globus Connect Personal endpoints as described here. If you are interested in any of these enhanced features you can request to upgrade your Globus account to be added under the "LBNL IT Plus Sponsor" Globus group. Please email LBNL IT HPCS (email: to upgrade your account.

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