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Berkeley Lab users can now access their LBNL Google drive folder and files via Globus interface. The Globus team has just released a beta version of their Google Drive Connector. More details here. Using this software LBNL IT HPCS has created a new Google Drive Connector which can used by all Berkeley Lab users.

If you are new to Globus please visit this page first for details on how to start using Globus.

If you are already a user of Globus and would like to use Globus for transferring data and files to/from your LBNL Google Drive please follow the instructions below.

Step #1: Create a Shared Globus Endpoint using the LBNL's GCSv5 Connector

Login to Globus interface

Click on the 'Endpoints' tab and then click on the "search all" sub-tab on this "Manage Endpoints" page. 

Search for "LBNL GDrive Access" and locate the GCSv5 Connecter created by LBNL IT


Choose this Connector and select the "My Shares" tab.

Then click the "Add Google Drive Share" button.


If this is the first time creating a shared endpoint using this "LBNL GDrive Access" Connector, you may be prompted to associate a Google Account with your Globus identity, so that Globus knows which Google Drive you wish to share.


Configure the details of your shared endpoint. Click the 'Create Endpoint' button when done.


Grant the endpoint access to your Google drive. Your new shared Globus endpoint has now been created.

Step #2: Access Gdrive files in the Transfer files dashboard

Browse to the "Transfer files" page in the Globus interface and search for the new shared Globus endpoint that you have just created.

Select the new shared Globus endpoint

All your LBNL Google drive files and foldes should now be visible and ready for transfer to any other Globus endpoints.

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