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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I request service?
A: Submit an order form to Telephone Service.  Please allow 24 hours for service activation.

Q: What is the cost to set up a new account?
A: There is a one-time cost of $25 to set up a conferencing service.

Q: How do I use ReadyTalk audio and web conferencing?
A: When an account is activated with ReadyTalk, you are provided with dial-in numbers, an access code for the audio portion, and a web conferencing URL.  Email this information along with meeting date and time to whomever is participating in your conference.  As the Chairperson, you must also enter the Chairperson Passcode (provided upon service activation) to start the audio and web conference.  For more information on getting started click here.

Q: How do I use UberConference audio and web conferencing?
A: When an account is activated with UberConference, you are provided with a sign in link that uses your LDAP login to create your account preferences.  Depending on whether you chose toll or toll-free service, you will be assigned a either a toll number or a toll number plus a toll-free service.  When signing into your account for the first time you will be asked to create a URL for your web meetings.  Email the dial-in number and URL along with the meeting date and time to whomever is participating in your conference.  No pin is required to start a meeting unless you choose to enforce one.  For more information on getting started click here.

Q: What numbers do I dial to join an audio conference?
A: If you are joining an UberConference the dial-in number is unique and provided to you by your host. If you are joining a ReadyTalk conference from within the US or Canada you may dial toll-free 1-866-740-1260 or toll 303-248-0285.  ReadyTalk participants outside of the US will find many toll-free and toll options for their country by checking this list of international dial-in numbers. If a ReadyTalk host provides you a toll-free number that is not the 1-866-740-1260 then you must dial their unique number or you will not be able to join their call.

Q: How many participants can join a conference call?
A: You can have up to 100 participants join a call on ReadyTalk or UberConference.  If you are using ReadyTalk's Pay-As-You-Go service you can have up to 150 participants.  For larger one-time conferences please contact Telephone Services to know your options.

Q: What are the usage rates for web conferencing?
A: There is no cost for web conferencing when using your UberConference service or ReadyTalk's Subscription service. ReadyTalk's Pay-As-You-Go service charges for web minutes at a rate of $0.04 per user per minute.

Q: What are the usage rates for participants using the international toll-free dial in numbers?
A: Click here for a complete list of toll-free international rates with ReadyTalk.

Q: I have a Pay-As-You-Go service.  What are the ReadyTalk toll-free dial in numbers available for international participants?
A: Click here for a list of toll-free dial-in numbers for international callers when using your ReadyTalk service.

Q: What are the monthly fees?
A: There are no monthly fees with the ReadyTalk Pay-As-You-Go service.  You are charged a $0.02 per minute per participant (domestic calling) whenever you use the service and $0.04 per minute per web participant.  If you have a ReadyTalk Subscription service you pay $13.50 per month and are not billed for web minutes, VoIP or toll calls (you are still billed $0.02 per minute per participant for anyone dialing in using the toll-free number).  If you have UberConference service you are not billed for minutes of use and instead pay $9.00 per month for Standard Toll service and $19.00 per month for UberConference Toll-Free service.

Q: Can I record my audio conference?  What is the cost?
A: Audio conferences can be recorded with ReadyTalk by pressing *21 on your keypad or by clicking the Record check box in your web conference controls. All recordings are subject to Archived Hosting fees of $0.20/per minute/per month based on the total length of the call, in addition to the initial cost of the participants who joined your conference based on your rate plan.   To avoid the Archived Hosting fee, download the recording to your desktop and then delete the recording from your ReadyTalk Conference Center.  There is no charge for recording with UberConference.

Q: Can an audio conference begin before the Chairperson (host) calls in?
A: For enhanced security with ReadyTalk, the conference Chairperson or designate must login to the call and enter the Chairperson's passcode before the conference can begin. (Participants will be put on hold until the Chairperson or designate joins the call.)  By pressing *8 the Chairperson can allow the call to continue if he/she must leave the conference.  UberConference account holders have the option of recording their events at no charge by pressing "00" on their keypad or pressing the Record icon at the bottom of their screen, however only the audio is recorded and screen sharing or video will not be included in your recording.

Q: I am the conference Chairperson but would like the call to start before I join. What options do I have?
A: You can share your ReadyTalk Chairperson passcode with a designate or other participants so that someone else can activate the conference call.  Please be aware that sharing your ReadyTalk Chairperson passcode with others increases the risk of your account being used fraudulently.  UberConference accounts do not require a pin to start a meeting unless the account holder has required it.

Q: Can I share my conference account and passcode with my co-workers and collaborators?
A: You may share your account, however we do not recommend this as it increases the risk of your account being used fraudulently.  Because you are responsible for all usage on your account please safeguard your Chairperson passcode.

Q: Someone used my account and passcode without my permission.  Am I responsible for the usage charges?
A: Yes, you are responsible for all usage charges incurred on your account.  Safeguard your passcode and be sure to change it frequently if you share it with co-workers and collaborators.

Q: How frequently do I have to use the service to keep my account from expiring?
A: Your account never expires and remains active whether you use it or not. To cancel your service, contact Telephone Services.

Q: What browsers does ReadyTalk support?
A: ReadyTalk supports all browser types.  Java version 1.7 or higher, or Flash 11 or higher, are recommended for the best experience.

Q: Can I change the entry announcement heard when participants join my ReadyTalk audio conference?
A: You can choose an entry announcement of Tone, Silent or Name Record by pressing 2, then 2 again on your keypad.  Alternatively, from the Chairperson Conference Controls screen in the ReadyTalk web interface, select the Options button.  Choose the desired entry announcement, check save settings for future conferences, and then click OK.

Q: Should I upload my PowerPoint presentation using the ReadyTalk slide show or use the Share Application feature instead?
A: The best way to show a PowerPoint presentation is to open it on your desktop and use the ReadyTalk "Show My Applications" feature.  This gives you all the controls you normally have in PowerPoint when showing a slide show.  The slide show upload in ReadyTalk is best used for general slides.  Once uploaded, slides are converted to static images (you lose animation and slide transitions) and they will remain in your web conference account until you delete them.

Q: Sometimes when I'm in my audio conference I hear an echo or static on the line.  What can cause this and what can I do to eliminate the problem?
A: Participants may be using a variety of methods to connect to the call, including VoIP, cellular phone or speaker phone.  As the host during a ReadyTalk call, you have the option to mute all participants by pressing "##" to see if this helps diagnose the problem.  You have the option to bring a ReadyTalk Operator on the line by pressing "00". The Operator will speak with you privately and then return you to the call. As a courtesy, inform your participants that you will exit the call briefly to speak with an Operator.  UberConference allows you to press the Mute icon on the participant's image from the main conference screen online and there is a Support button on the same screen to chat live with a representative.

Q: Is there a web conference polling feature with ReadyTalk?
A: Polling allows the Chairperson to conduct a survey or questionnaire of participants during a web conference.  ReadyTalk offers several polling options including multiple choice and true/false.  The Chairperson (or Co-presenter) can insert a poll at any time by clicking the polling button located under the slides in the Chairperson's account view. 

Q: I think I have a conference account already.  Can you send me my conference details again and information on how to start a conference on the phone or web?
A: Telephone Services can look up an existing account by the owner's first and last name or Employee ID.  The conference account details will then be emailed to the account owner.  To view user instructions on how to start an audio or web conference please click here.  Contact Telephone Services at or dial x7997 for help with your account information or instructions.   

Q: I can't recall my Chairperson Passcode.
A: Send an email to Telephone Services at and we will email you your Chairperson Passcode.  Passcodes must be a minimum of 4 digits long and cannot be: a sequential series of numbers for the entire Passcode (ex. 12345, 4321), repeating digits for an entire Passcode (ex. 1111, 55555), or combination of digits matching the 7-digit Access Code your Participants use to join you.

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