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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s financial systems are primarily based on a suite of Oracle PeopleSoft enterprise applications, collectively called “FMS.”  The following FMS modules have been installed and developed in support of financial operations at LBNL:

  • ARRA Tracking — Manages project, plan, and cost information and reporting for compliance with the provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
  • Budget / Funding — Automates the control and tracking of the Laboratory’s funding.
  • Budget / Planning — Provides an integrated system for the development and management of project spending plans and forecasts, and provides a framework for their submission, approval, and consolidation into the Laboratory’s spend plans.
  • Billing — Automates the billing function. Analyzes project costs in the ledger, calculates the billing entries for the Laboratory's sponsors, and produces invoices and corresponding accounting entries.
  • eBuy — An easy-to-use system for purchasing goods directly from strategic suppliers’ web sites.  Orders placed through the eBuy system are automatically recorded in the Laboratory’s Purchasing system.
  • eProcurement — The primary system for the requisitioning of services and high-dollar, sensitive, and hazardous items. Requisitions created in the eProcurement system flow into the Purchasing system. 
  • General Ledger — Gathers project costs and other financial transaction information from dozens of feeder systems, consolidates this information into the Laboratory's financial database, allocates indirect costs as necessary, reports to the U. S. Department of Energy in conformance with regulations, and provides reports and analytical tools to the Laboratory community, both through the PeopleSoft software and the Laboratory's IRIS and BRS institutional data Warehouse systems. 
  • Grants Management (RAPID) ---Manages information pertaining to the development, submission, negotiation, funding, and administration of research proposals and projects.
  • Payables — Manages the disbursement of funds to the Laboratory's vendors by facilitating the entry of vendor invoice data, matching it to purchase order data contained in the Laboratory's Purchasing system, scheduling payments as appropriate, providing project costs and other accounting transactions to the Ledger, and providing reports and analytical tools to the Laboratory community.
  • Procurement Card — Simplifies and speeds up the purchase of low-value supplies and services. Facilitates credit card use control by providing a vehicle for recording orders and reconciling them with transaction data from the bank.
  • Project Costing — Provides a descriptive framework for the hierarchical management of projects, and their funding characteristics. Integrated tightly with the General Ledger in support of project cost reporting.
  • Purchasing — Manages all of the Laboratory’s purchase order and receiving information.  Closely integrated with the Payables system.
  • Receivables — Manages the collection of funds received from our research sponsors and other entities, in conjunction with our Grants Management and Billing applications.
  • Travel and Expenses (TREX) — Manages information related to employee business travel activities.  Provides automation in support of compliance with applicable policies.  Reports cost information to the General Ledger.   

General Ledger and Project Costing:  implemented in 1997.  
Billing and Receivables systems:  implemented in 2000.
eProcurement, Purchasing, and Payables systems:  implemented in 2002.
Grants Management (RAPID) system:  implemented in 2003.
eBuy and Budget / Funding systems:  developed in-house and deployed in 2006. 
Procurement Card and Budget / Planning systems:  developed in-house and deployed in 2008. 
The Travel and Expenses (TREX) system:  implemented in 2009.
ARRA Tracking system:  developed in-house and deployed in 2009.
The PeopleSoft-delivered applications were most recently upgraded to version 8.8 in 2005. 
The FMS PeopleTools version was upgraded to 8.50 in 2010.
System Requirements:
FMS is a web-based system.  Browsers supported by the vendor include Firefox 3.5.1 and 3.6; Internet Explorer 7 and 8; and Safari 3.1.x, 3.2.x, and 4.0.

Additional Financial Systems:

Sunflower Asset Management System (AMS) — Licensed from Annams Systems Corporation. It was acquired and installed in 1998 for the Property Management and Property Accounting units in OCFO. Sunflower Asset Management (AMS) was expressly designed to address specific property inventory and accounting needs of government agencies.

Point & Ship Shipping Management System (SMS) (Material to be provided) 

Getting Started

Contact Chuck Axthelm for access to FMS.
Available online at .
Problem Reporting:
For desktop and operational problems, contact the Laboratory's Help Desk at H-E-L-P (x4357). For inquiries related to the eBuy, eProcurement, Purchasing, or Payables application, contact the PRP Help Desk at P-R-P-H (x7774). For inquiries related to the Budget / Planning system, send an email  For other inquiries related to the applications' functionality, contact the functional or IT owners.
Contact Chuck Axthelm.  
The service is provided to all employees at no recharge.