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Maximo - Enterprise Operations and Asset Management System

  • Work Management is a suite of functions that include Work Order Tracking and Work Manager (work scheduling) – Employing work management, Division staff creates work requests, define work scope, assign staff and other resources, and track and manage work progress.
  • Equipment Management is a suite of functions that support operations and maintenance of the Laboratory’s 18,000 pieces of capital equipment. The location of each  asset is maintained in a central data repository. Preventive maintenance schedules are automated and preventive maintenance work orders are created based on those schedules. Replacement parts can be designated for each and every maintenance procedure. Designated parts in inventory are pulled and staged by the Central Stores unit and are available for pick-up by the assigned mechanic. All costs incurred in maintaining equipment are captured by the system.
  • The Laboratory’s GSA vehicle fleet of approximately 300 vehicles is managed using Equipment Management.
  • Resource Management is a suite of applications used to manage labor, material, and equipment tools resources. Calendars can be used in support of planning and scheduling all resources.

Space Planning

  • Odyssey is, in fact, an extension of Maximo functionality. Engineered to take advantage of Maximo’s infrastructure, Odyssey was designed and implemented in January 2000. Employing Maximo’s location and resource data structures, Odyssey provides a means for Laboratory units to manage office and laboratory space. It allows a Lab unit to prorate space costs for up to ten different funding sources.
  • To be replaced with Archbus

Sunflower Asset Management System
Sunflower Asset Management System is licensed from Annams Systems Corporation. It was acquired and installed in 1998 for the Property Management unit in Financial Services. Sunflower Asset Management (AMS) was expressly designed to address specific property inventory and accounting needs of government agencies.

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Getting Started

  • Maximo: access is limited. Please send an email to
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The service is part of the Berkeley Lab Technology Resource Kit and is provided to all employees and affiliates at no recharge.