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Existing Users

TSD's Networking and Telecommunications Department (NTD) will contact all existing users via email or phone.  To aid in the transition process, NTD will provide you with information on how to contact local carriers and assist you in processing your new service.  NTD will also provide you with current available pricing and service options.  All Lab DSL/Cable users who have not transitioned to a personal carrier by September 30, 2005 will be disconnected.
The following process will be used when ITSD contacts you;

Approval Process

A letter/email indicating either Division Director or designee approval of partial reimbursement (50%), or Division Director of designee and CIO approval of an exception (100%) must be on file with NTD before reimbursement can proceed.  The letter/email shall include the following information:

User name
Service type (DSL or Cable)
% of reimbursement (50% or 100%)
Division name (ex. ITSD, MS, EH&S, etc.) that is authorizing the service and reimbursement.

Send letter to High Speed Data Access, MS-50E0101 or email

Vendor Information

To order DSL service from SBC:

Please go to,,18,00.html?pl_code=MSBC245C8952P192180B0S0.  This site will give you easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  Please note that the service provider recognizes this as a new service, not an existing service.  You will be asked for your telephone number.  Enter your residential number, not your existing Lab furnished DSL number.  You will be offered two different options for installation; self-install or Technician install.  Here is a brief description of the options;

  • Self-install: SBC will activate the DSL on your residential line and send you a self-install kit with step-by-step instructions and software.  The DSL will only work on the jack that your residential line is currently on.  This type of installation is free.
  • Technician install: SBC will install everything from the line to your computer.  If necessary, the technician will install a new jack.  A technician install is $200 and will require an adult to be present to allow access.
    You are responsible for notifying TSC at ext. 4966 (or when your laboratory furnished DSL number should be disconnected.

To order high speed access from Comcast Cable

Existing users that are using Comcast as their high speed access service provider may simply transfer the financial responsibility from the Lab to themselves.  Please contact Linda Posey at ext. 5919 for user name and password before visiting

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