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Chemical Management System (CMS)
CMS tracks the location, hazard classification and quantities of chemical substances at LBNL.

DOCTOR is a commercial package that reads dosimeters and collects data for upload to the REMS System.

EHS Training/JHA
This application is an add-on to the PeopleSoft lab wide training system, focusing on EH&S training requirements and the Job Hazards Questionnaire (JHA).

Radiation Authorization Reporting System (RADAR)
RADAR tracks Formal Authorizations to work with Radioactive materials.

Radiation Exposure Management System (REMS
REMS tracks lifetime radiation exposure history for LBNL Radiation Workers.

Telemetry System
The Telemetry System tracks amounts of radioactivity, and other hazardous substances emitted into the air, ground and sewer.

The Ventilation System tracks location and maintenance information for Hoods, Blowers, etc.

Waste Management (Shoebox)
Shoebox is used for tracking hazardous, mixed and radioactive waste. It keeps track of the waste moving along various stages, such as waste requisition, waste storage at the Hazardous Waste Handling Facility (HWHF) at LBNL, and final shipment and disposal.

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