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Note: This page describes software that allows you to join room based videoconferences. There are other kinds of desktop video conferencing such as Google Video Chat described here.

These products are available from IT with support.

Lifesize Desktop

Deprecated Services

Bluejeans Web/Video Conferencing - final 5 months at LBL (will end in June 2014).  FUZE will replace Bluejeans.

The blueJeans cloud service will be available until June 2014. At that time, it will be re-evaluated.  Creating a video conference meeting requires an account. Joining a meeting that has been scheduled does not. Multiple endpoints can be accommodated (everything from room based Lifesize equipment, to a desktop system using Google video chat or skype.

Request an account by calling the Help Desk. Your meeting id will be your lab phone number and your password will be provided by the Help Desk.

Bluejeans On-line help can be found here.. Our FAQ page is here.

Available Open Source Products (No LBL Provided Support)

The products listed below work on the H.323 standard and thus should interoperate with our room based videoconferencing systems. Unfortunately, IT isn't able to provide support for the operation of this software, but you may be able to find support from the websites and support communities of these products.

Windows and Linux Based

Mac Based