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Overview of Data Management Requirements

DOE has adopted requirements for data management as part of its proposal and review processes.  The core requirements are:

  1. Have a reasonable Data Management Plan
  2. Make data referenced in publications accessible to other researchers.
  3. Collaborate with user facilities to ensure clear roles and responsibilities for data mangement
  4. Do #1-3 above with respect for privacy and proprietary data.

The above are a very short summary of the actual requirements.  You can learn more about SC's implementation here:


Tools for Data Management Plans

DMP Tool:  The UC Data Management Plan Tool (DMP Tool) walks you through the process of creating an effective Data Management Plan.    Log in with your Berkeley Lab Identity Username/Password.


Tools for Sharing Data at the Time of Publication:

Background Info on Citing Data:  Link from Datacite describes why you should cite your data and the basics of doing so.

The Berkeley Lab Library can assist you with minting DOIs to cite your data.  Email

GDrive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is an excellent place to store public datasets.  Share a folder or file publicly and then use a DOI to redirect to it.



Email for assistance in developing a Data Management Plan and Approach (library staff will bring in other providers like collaboration services as needed). 


LBL Physics Division Guidance and Samples: DOE Data Management Plans in Research Proposals



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