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Customize your pager with the following services:



Monthly Fee

800 access number

Allows you and your callers to call your pager toll free.


Custom Greeting

Allows you to record a personal greeting, letting callers know they have reached the correct pager.


Group Call

Allows you to send and receive page messages as a group.

$7.95 (for first member of the group)

Custom Coverage

Provides you with the convenience of changing coverage areas with a touch-tone phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the nation. You phone in and change the zone as you travel. Enables you to use your pager nationwide, while only paying a local fee.

$7.50 (local and statewide)
$12.00 (nationwide)


Receive news, weather, stock reports, sports updates, etc.


PageSaver (PageSaver instructions)

PageSaver records all numeric pages and enables them to be retrieved once out of the coverage range, or when your pager has been turned off.


Alpha Retransmission (Alpha Retransmission instructions)

Alpha Retransmission records all pages (numeric and alpha numeric) and enables them to be resent once out of the coverage range, or when your pager has been turned off.


Voice Mail

Callers can dial your pager number and leave a voice message. Your pager notifies you that a voice message has been received. You can retrieve voice messages by calling your pager number, pressing 0, and entering your personal access code.

$2.00 (5 messages memory, 10 hour retention)
$3.00 (10 messages memory, 24 hour retention)
$4.00 (20 messages memory, 72 hour retention)

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