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Conference Phone Rentals

Do you need a telephone for a teleconference?

TSC has high quality speaker phones with extended microphones (also known as "Stealth" phones) available for rental.  The cost is $50 per day which includes a TSC technician connecting the conference phone in the desired location for the duration of your conference call.

To rent a conference phone, send your request to [email protected] and include the following:

  • your name
  • your extension
  • conference date
  • conference time (beginning and ending)
  • conference location
  • jack number (if available)
  • project ID

Please note:  We appreciate 48 hours notice to check availability and process your order.  Also, there must be an existing jack at the conference location to accommodate your request.

Purchasing a conference telephone for your department

If your department frequently rents conference phones, it may be cost effective to purchase your own.  Contact Telephone Services at [email protected] or ext. 7997 for product information and pricing.

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