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Cellular Coverage

Improve your indoor cellular coverage

AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless are now offering devices to enhance indoor cellular coverage, whether in your Laboratory office or at your residence.   These devices provide a signal boost in a range of approximately 5,000 square feet.  All that is required is a Laboratory-issued cellular phone and an ethernet connection.

(For a comparison by service provider of cellular coverage in LBNL buildings, click here.)

To Order:

Supervisor approval is required.  Send email to Telephone Services and include the following:

  • Your Lab-provided cellular phone number and service provider
  • Your office location or residential address
  • Your Project ID and Activity Code
  • AT&T customers only: all cellular phone numbers to be registered

Product Description:

AT&T Wireless – 3G MicroCell

Cost - $149.99 each (one-time)
Up to 15 AT&T cellular phones can be registered to the MicroCell with a maximum of 4 concurrent AT&T users
Allows voice, text messaging, and data usage*

  • AT&T 3G or later cell phone or smart phone
  • Ethernet connection

Verizon Wireless – 4G Network Extender

Cost - $249 each (one-time)
Up to 7 concurrent 4G Verizon cellular phones
Cellular phones do not need to be registered
Allows voice, text messaging, and data usage*

  • Verizon Wireless cell phone or smart phone
  • Ethernet connection

*Note: use on either the AT&T MicroCell or the Verizon Network Extender will count against your calling and data plan

Important: It is recommended that the device is placed in a room within 3 feet of a window and not in a basement or closet.  Place device at least 1 foot away from other wireless devices (i.e. WiFi).  Signal coverage boost may vary depending on your location and structure.

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