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Please follow the following steps when submitting a CRADA final report:

Step 1

Submit the report to the Intellectual Property office for review using this form:

Please be sure to include:

  • The title of the report. If it differs at all from the title of the CRADA as originally submitted, please use the title of the report, not the CRADA name
  • The name of the corresponding author
  • The CRADA ID #
  • If an embargo is applicable, the date that the embargo should be released

Step 2

Go to and create a record for this publication. To log in, select your campus, which for most researchers will be LBL, but for joint appointees will be your UC campus.

Then complete the login with the appropriate credentials.

Once you are in, choose Menu ==> Manage ==> Publications

Then add a new report publication:

From there the form is reasonably self-explanatory. You can follow the instructions on our training page for more information.

However, you do not make the actual deposit. That is: Do not upload the paper. There is an issue in this system that we cannot easily reset papers that have been indefinitely embargoed, so for the time being, it's just best not to upload the paper at all. We will already have the paper from the legal review process you started in step 1

Step 3

Use the form at  to request an LBNL #. This form requires that you provide a link to the record you just created in step 2 above.

That URL looks like this:

And you include it in the form here:

Be sure to provide a CRADA number so that we know you are trying to complete a CRADA.

Submit that form and that's it.

When the lawyers have reviewed the report, we will be notified and will forward it to OSTI where it will receive an OSTI ID, which the Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO) will use in the CRADA close out process.

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