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Please follow the following steps when submitting a CRADA final report:

Step 1

Submit the report to the Intellectual Property office for review using this form:

Please be sure to include:

  • The title of the report. If it differs at all from the title of the CRADA as originally submitted, please use the title of the report, not the CRADA name
  • The name of the corresponding author
  • The CRADA ID #
  • If an embargo is applicable, the date that the embargo should be released

Step 2

Go to and create a record for this publication. To log in, select your campus and enter your LDAP credentials. If you are a joint appointee on campus, select your campus affiliation, not your Lab affiliation, and log in with your campus credentials. When you have logged in you will need to "Add a publication" manually. The screenshots here will show you how to do that step by step.

a. Login screen

b. Menu tab

c. Select Publications


d. Add a Publication ("Report")

Complete as much of the form as is required and/or relevant, but DO NOT upload any files.

Step 3

When you have completed the form, you will be prompted to assign funding information to your Report. Be sure that you clear all filters before using the search box. Use the Title search box to find the appropriate funding body for your work, e.g. Basic Energy Sciences,  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Biological and Environmental Research etc. If you cannot find the appropriate funding body, double check that the box marked "Related to" reads "No Filter" as it does in the image below. 

When you have done this you will be asked to upload a file. DO NOT upload any files. Instead, click on "View your publication details". That will take you to a new page with all of the information you entered about your report. Copy the URL of that page from your browser per the screen shot below. You will need it to request an LBNL Report Number.

Step 4

Use the form at  to request an LBNL Report Number. This form requires that you provide a link to the record you just created in Step 3 above.

That URL looks like this:

And you include it in the form here:

Be sure to provide a CRADA number so that we know you are trying to complete a CRADA.

Submit that form and that's it.

When the lawyers have reviewed the report, we will be notified and will forward it to OSTI where it will receive an OSTI ID, which the Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO) will use in the CRADA close out process.

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