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What are Profiles?

The Lab is in the process of setting up a new profile site intended for public access. The site is designed so that the general public can find information about lab researchers and publications.

In keeping with our goals of making reducing the maintenance burden on researchers, it will pull publication information from our Publication Management System. This is in contrast to the existing (soon to be defunct) which can only pull publication information from PubMed and which for most LBL researchers, requires direct ongoing curation.

When is this happening?

The rollout of the new publications system will occur in stages:

  • First, the system will be made visible only within the Lab.
  • Next, one or two divisions will be invited to try out the system and round out their profiles
  • Next, a lab-wide announcement will invite all researchers to examine and complete their profiles. We expect this period to last a few months.
  • Following the internal-release period, the system will replace and will be made discoverable by the general public.

The profiles site itself is entirely, 100% read-only. That means that you cannot log in or curate your profile on the site. Instead, because the site pulls all its information from the Publications Management System, you should go there to customize your profile.

How do I manage my profile?

Check out the FAQ for Researchers or learn how to customize your profile.

I need help.

Do not hesitate to contact us at

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